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मा. मुख्याध्यापक
रमाबाई परांजपे बाल मंदिर, विलेपार्ले
विषय :- आपल्या शाळेतील शिक्षणाबाबतचा अभिप्राय
माननीय महोदया,
उपरोक्त विषयान्वये मी घनशाम बल्लाळ सर्व प्रथम नमस्कार करतो. मी पोलीस खात्यामध्ये कार्यरत असुन माझी या वर्षी बदली विले पार्ले येथे झाली होती. माझा मुलगा पार्थ यास आम्ही आपले शाळेत Jr KG (SSC) ग्रुप 2 मध्ये प्रवेश घेतला होता. करोनाच्या कारणास्तव त्याची शाळा ऑन लाईन सुरु आहे. आम्हाला वाटत होते की या लहान मुलांचे शिक्षण कसे या ऑन लाईन पध्दतीवर होणार. परंतु आज मला आपले शिक्षक वर्गाचे कौतुक व त्यांचे अभार व्यक्त करण्यासाठी हे अभिप्राय असलेले पत्र पाठवावे असे वाटले.
मला आपणास सांगायचे आहे की, आपले शाळेचे सर्व शिक्षक वर्ग यांनी मागील पाच महिने ऑन लाईन पध्दतीने अतिशय सोप्या भाषेत या लहान मुलांना त्यांना समजेल, झेपेल अशा भाषेत शिकवले आहे. मला याची जणीव आहे की 30 मिनीट च्या वर्गासाठी शिक्षकांना खुप तयारी करावी लागते मुलांना काय कसे व कधी शिकवायचे आहे हे अधिच आम्हाला आपल्याकडुन वेळोवळी समजत असे . हे एक चांगल्या व्यावस्थापनाचे उत्तम उदाहरण आहे.
आपले सणांबाबत या शाळेत खुप चांगल्या प्रकारे मुलांना म्हणजेच पुढील पिढीला सणांचे महत्व व त्यांची माहिती सांगीतली जाते. आम्ही आमचे नोकरी निमित्त महाराष्ट्रात खुप ठिकाणी राहिलो तेव्हा माझ्या मोठया मुलीबाबत असे चांगल्या शिक्षणाचे अनुभव आले नाही. खरोखरच आपल्या शाळेच्या मध्यमातुन आमच्या मुलाला एक चांगले शिक्षण मिळत आहे या बददल आम्ही आपले आभारी आहोत. मला आशा आहे आपण विदयार्थ्यांवर केलेले संस्कार नक्कीच त्यांचे भविष्यात त्यांना उपयोगी पडतील.
दिपावलीच्या शुभेच्छासह

घनशाम रघुनाथ बल्लाळ
(पार्थ घनशाम बल्लाळ यांचे पालक)

Appreciation mail,
I am Anuja Kelkar, mother of Aaroh Kelkar (past student of Sr kg group 4). I am writing this email to express our gratitude towards school and teachers
I was so overwhelmed yesterday to see my baby turned big boy and performing on stage, that how much ever I wanted to speak about school and Sunila teacher I couldn't speak (I didn't wanted parents to see me crying :)
So here is a big THANK YOU! to all teachers, school management and supporting staff to turning our completely dependent babies, independent and confident.
Our experience of Ramabai and its teachers were excellent, in adopting online mode it did struggle, however that was a tough time for everyone!
I especially want to thank Sunila teacher and Sheetal teacher, as after my complaint about the 'waiting room' they made sure that nobody gets stuck for all remaining months. Thank you and apologies for the same!
One suggestion for the management: God forbid if any situation arises in the future where school again needs to take up online route, kindly try and provide technical assistance to teachers who will be present in all sessions with teachers to handle all technical things, it will lessen the burden on teachers (if it is already in place kindly ignore)
Thank you once again and I and my son (aaroh) will definitely miss school (for Aaroh its Sunila teacher:) ). And it will stay in our heart and memories all the time.

Anuja Patwardhan Kelkar
Instructional Designer

Back to school,
I was a student of Ramabai Paranjape Balmandir back in 1990-92. It was the place where i found my oldest and the best of friends. The school was my incubator of the earliest and the fondest memories that I was going to carry for the rest of my life. This was also the place where the foundation of the values and discipline, that will make me the person I am today, were being laid. The teachers were like our part time mothers and almost all my classmates still remember their class-teachers name, and associate themselves with that class is a testimony to this fact. By the way mine was Sandhya tai. These dedicated souls sculpted our very first social and intellectual values. Most of us still have our ramabai class photograph with us and often share it on our groups. Be it the railway that taught us to take everyone on board and not leave anyone behind, or the jungle gym that taught us to climb over our difficulties, it is now that we understand to draw these lessons out of these simple games. But the seeds were sown back when we were 4-5 years old, in Ramabai.
Coming back to school after almost 30 years makes me overwhelmed with nostalgia, pride, joy and transports me back to those days, now through the little me in form of my daughter, Veeksha Bapat. Sending my daughter back to the school where i studied is a matter of legacy that after completing a full circle has come at the start point once again and how. Nothing has changed yet so much has. The warmth, the love remains while the school has progressed to keep abreast with the rapidly changing circumstances. Be it the online class or reopening of the school, the efforts of the teachers and staff is evident and appreciated.
Having served almost all over the country and imbibing a little of everything from every place, i wanted my daughter to understand her roots while being exposed to the unlimited world. And Ramabai was exactly what I would have wanted.
My sincere appreciation for all your efforts to mould our kids into being Better human beings in their days to come.
Thank you.

Major Mr. Bapat
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