Mrs. Anushree Orpe

Vice Principal
Ramabai Paranjape Balmandir - Andheri (East) Branch

Dear Parents, Children my extended family of Ramabai Paranjape Balmandir
To the world our parents may be simply a person but for us they may be the world. We believe every child is a ‘gift from god'
The first step into our school is at their budding stage, we take giant steps where children embark on the great adventure of discovering the wide world outside and the dept of the world within as we hold their little finger and guide your young ones forward it is our responsibility of nurturing their curiosity and igniting their minds helping them to discover the world of books through play way methods. We have a combination of physical, social and learning environment with well equiped audio visual teaching aids. children are introduced to various festivals while keeping our rich Indian culture and traditions in mind. We have a team of highly qualified teachers who are dedicated, innovative ,and caring.
Parent,students and management are a team and we have to complement each others efforts, as we believe EDUCATION is not just a process of giving knowledge for a future job but a lifelong process which creates an understanding of moral and ethical values to guide ones life in the right path I am sure our students of today will carry forward the BALMANDIR MOTTO.
—Mrs. Anushree Orpe

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