Gallery 2022-2023


Mangalagauri pooja is performed by newly married women on all Tuesdays in the month of Shravan. ‘Mangal’ means Tuesday and ‘Gauri’ means Goddess Parvati. So, Manglaguri means preying to Goddess Parvati on Tuesdays. This pooja is done for the first 5years after marriage. Women observe fast during the day and pray to Goddess Parvati, for the well-being of their husband.
The idol of Goddess Parvati (Annapurna) is placed on a small table (chaurang). Banana leaves are tied to the four sides of this table and the entire place is decorated with flowers, garlands, and plenty of fresh green leaves, which are available in abundance during this season. In the evening married ladies stay awake and play various traditional games like Phugadi, Jhimma & Kombada.
In school teachers and children came well dressed and performed ‘Mangalagauri’ pooja and aarti. Children were given information about the festival. Then all girls and teachers played the various traditional Mangalagauri games. The decorated school showcase was shown to children after which they all enjoyed eating snacks and went home.

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