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“Gopalkala” is one of the important Hindu festival celebrated in the honour of lord “Krishna”.
Lord Krishna was born at midnight on the eighth day i.e. Ashtami in the Marathi month of Shravan. So this day is celebrated as “Gokulashtami” to remember the birth of lord Krishna.
In some households people celebrate “Krishnajanma” at midnight by worshipping small idol of “Balkrishna”, performing pooja & singing songs, aartis & bhajans in the honour of lord Krishna.
The next day is celebrated as “Gopalkala”, where a handi or a pot is tied at higher level with a rope. The pot is filled with ‘Kaala’ i.e. the mixture of curd, milk, butter & pohe in it. Young children break handi by making human pyramid.
In our school also “Gopalkala” festival celebration is enjoyed by all children & teachers. Children come in festive, colourful clothes.
The celebration starts with Pooja, Aarti followed by singing devotional songs of lord Krishna. Historical events like ‘Krishnajanma in Prison’ & ‘naming ceremony at Gokul’ are dramatised by the teachers. Even children present small skit based on the story of “Kaliyamardan”. The celebration is concluded by breaking handi & serving delicious snacks to the children.

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